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As part of the Merchant Taylors’ Educational Trust, there is a strong tradition of pupils from St John’s going on to Merchant Taylors’ and every year many boys are successful in gaining places and indeed scholarships. 

Some pupils take up places at Haberdashers’, Harrow, Berkhamsted, St Alban’s, Aldenham, Mill Hill and John Lyon. Occasionally a boy will go on to Westminster, City of London, St Paul’s, Eton or a country boarding school. Some boys gain 11+ places at other local schools. 

Below are recent 13+ destination schools with most pupils gaining places at their first choice school:


Merchant Taylors’ 16

Haberdashers’ 4

Berkhamsted 4

Mill Hill 2

St Alban's 2

Aldenham 1

Brighton College 1

Harrow 1


Merchant Taylors’ 16

Berkhamsted 4

Haberdashers’ 4

Harrow 1

Mill Hill 1

St Alban's 1


Merchant Taylors’ 20

Berkhamsted 4

Haberdashers’ 3

City of London 1

Eton 1

Harrow 1

John Lyon 1

Nower Hill 1



Merchant Taylors’  20 

Haberdashers’  2  

Berkhamsted  3

Mill Hill  1


Merchant Taylors’  13

Haberdashers’  7

Mill Hill   3

Harrow  2

Berkhamsted  1

Aldenham  1

St Alban’s  1

Shiplake College  1


Merchant Taylors’  24

Berkhamsted  5

John Lyon  3

Haberdashers’  2

St Alban’s  1

Mill Hill  1

Aldenham  1

St John’s boys have a proud record of academic, sporting, musical and artistic success. The 2019 leavers were no exception with our Year 8s achieving some outstanding results and winning a total of twenty-two scholarships to senior schools including thirteen academic scholarships.

In the past five years St John’s Year 8 leavers have been awarded twenty-nine academic and three all-round scholarships to Merchant Taylors’ as well as awards in music, drama, design and technology and sport. They have also gained eighteen academic and two music scholarships to Haberdashers’ and a total of twenty academic, music, sport and all-round scholarships to other leading independent schools. 

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