School Fees and Bursaries 

From September 2020, the fees will remain at:

Nursery: £11, 040 per annum

Pre-Prep: £14, 890 per annum

Prep School: £16, 020 per annum

Each year the School Governors carefully review our financial forecast and the costs and financial commitments of St John’s. Fees are set at a level which allows us to meet our costs and any increases reflect the minimum appropriate to operate and maintain St John’s at the highest possible standards of quality.

Considering the impact of Covid-19 Governors agreed to fee reductions in the summer term of the 2019/20 school year and have advised that fees will not rise for the 2020/21 school year. 

Please note that 40% of total annual fees are due to be paid at the start of the autumn term with a further 30% due at the start of each of the spring and summer terms.

Paying School Fees

Direct Debit is our preferred method of payment in which case the full fees for the term are collected on the first day that boys return to school.  

You can download a Direct Debit mandate should you wish to pay by this method. 

To ensure we are able to collect fees in this way please return your Direct Debit mandate to the School Office no later than two weeks before the start of term.

Parents who are already using this method of payment do not need to complete new forms.

Please note, the Direct Debit must be set up using the bank account of those who receive the invoice as we are unable to accept payments in the name of companies or other family members.  

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If you would like to spread annual fees across 12 monthly payments, St John’s has a relationship with School Fee Plan who will administer this for you. For more information and to join the scheme:

Should you intend to use this option, please ensure that you have registered no later than two weeks before the start of term.


Means tested bursaries are available. If your child is not currently a pupil at St John’s and you would like to apply for a bursary please contact for an application form. If you currently have a child at St John’s please arrange an appointment to see the Headmaster by calling the office on 020 8866 0067 or emailing