Lunch menus

Lunch is provided for all boys from Reception upwards and is served in the dining room by our friendly, fully-trained team. Sittings are in class order starting with the youngest between 11.40 a.m. and 1.10 p.m.

Healthy Choices

We provide a well-balanced and varied diet for your son which meets any special dietary requirements. A vegetarian option, fresh fruit, salads and vegetables are always available and every effort is made to encourage the pupils to choose a healthy diet. 

Healthy choices include:

  • Jacket potatoes are always available.

  • Flora margarine is available as an alternative to butter.

  • Brown and wholemeal bread is always available and all of bread served is low sodium.

  • Fresh fruit is always available for dessert.

  • Only low sodium salt is on the tables.

  • A salad bar has a range of fresh, homemade salads which change daily.

  • Semi-skimmed always available as an alternative to whole milk.


Healthy Cooking

As part of our commitment to producing a healthy menu selection the following methods of food production are used:

  • Food oven cooked not fried whenever possible.

  • Only vegetable oil is used for frying.

  • All sauces and custards are made with low fat spreads and semi-skimmed milk.

  • We use herbs and spices to flavour dishes and reduce the need for added salt.

  • Sugar is always used sparingly.

  • Brown rice is used with white rice.

  • Wholemeal flour is used with white flour.

  • Low fat cheese is used.


Mrs J. Foley, Catering Manager