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Lunch menus

Lunch is provided for all boys and is served in the dining room by our friendly, fully-trained team. Sittings are in class order, starting with the youngest, between 11.40 a.m. and 1.10 p.m.

  • Nursery uniform
    Winter Uniform Purple St John's jogging top bearing Lamb's logo with purple St John's jogging bottoms White polo shirt with collar edged in purple Navy cotton socks Regulation school coat bearing the School badge Mittens – navy Navy St John's woollen hat bearing Lamb's logo Black trainers – no lights! Wellington boots Summer Uniform (Worn in the Autumn term until half term and in the Summer term) Purple St John's jogging top bearing Lamb's logo White polo shirt with collar edged in purple Shorts – navy bermuda White St John's sun hat Navy cotton socks Blue cagoule Other Navy school bag with logo A complete change of clothing - comprising socks, pants and purple jogging bottoms - should be kept in your son's school bag on his peg.
  • Pre-Prep uniform
    Winter Uniform Purple jumper bearing the School badge White shirt Purple tie Grey trousers Grey socks Purple scarf Navy woollen mittens or gloves Navy St John's woollen hat bearing the School badge Plain black leather shoes School bag Navy waterproof trousers Wellington boots Regulation school coat bearing the School badge Summer Uniform(Worn in the autumn term until half term and in the summer term) White short or long sleeved shirt Grey shorts Long grey socks with purple stripes Purple tie Purple jumper bearing the School badge White St John's sun hat P.E. Kit White polo shirt, no logo White cotton shorts White ankle socks Black trainers with Velcro fastening – no lights! Navy badged tracksuit top and trousers - named by school suppliers Navy cotton P.E. bag with printed name (large size) Swimming kit (from Year 1) Navy swimming trunks Towel (any colour) Swimming bag with school badge Art Navy overall with Velcro neck fastening Other Navy school bag with logo
  • Prep uniform
    Prep School Uniform List School blazer Grey shorts (Years 3 and 4 – worn in the Autumn term until half term and in the Summer term) Long grey trousers (Years 3 and 4 – worn in the Autumn term after half term until end of Spring term) Long grey trousers (Years 5 - 8) House tie School jumper Grey socks (long with purple bands are to be worn with shorts) Navy blue anorak Grey or white long-sleeved shirt (may be obtained elsewhere) Blue art/science overall Navy waterproof trousers (Years 3 and 4) Wellington boots (Years 3 and 4) Dress for School Blazer and grey shorts/grey trousers Grey or white shirt (may be short sleeved in the summer term) School tie School socks (may be ankle socks with sandals in the summer term) P.E. Kit Navy blue drawstring bag (named) Plain white polo shirt Plain white gym shorts White ankle socks Plimsolls (indoor use only) Trainers (outdoor use only) Swimming bag (Years 3 and 4 only) Swimming trunks and towel (Years 3 and 4 only) Games Kit – Autumn and Spring Terms School regulation sports holdall from Harrow Outfitters preprinted with boy's initials Rugby shirt - fully reversible with House colours inside Navy rugby shorts bearing school logo School rugby socks School tracksuit Football/rugby boots with rugby studs (It is mandatory that all studs are kite-marked safety studs) Mouth guard (Years 4 and above, see note below) Towel Mouthguards and Protective Clothing Many sports governing bodies, including the Rugby Football Union and the English Hockey Association, recommend the use of mouthguards that are fitted by dentists. The school, in liaison with the mouthguard suppliers O-PRO, arranges for dentists to visit at the end of the Summer Term. Although Year 3 boys play only Touch Rugby they do play Hockey for which they will need a mouthguard. In rugby it is now a requirement for players of any age to wear protective head and shoulder pads as long as they comply with RFU regulations. At St John's we do not feel that this equipment is necessary for boys of Prep school age. You are welcome should you wish to buy protective clothing (with the appropriate kite-marks) but please don't feel it is essential equipment for your son. Games Kit - Summer Term White shorts (can be from PE kit) White polo/cricket shirt White ankle socks School tracksuit Trainers (outdoor use only) Abdo protector (Years 5 - 8) Optional Items - Summer Term The school provides the basic equipment required to play cricket. However, a cricket sale is held at the end of each Spring term, where used pads, bats, gloves, boots and clothing are sold at very reasonable prices. Cricket jumper (required if in a team) Cricket trousers (required if in a team) Cricket boots Batting pads Batting gloves Cricket bat Batting helmet Running spikes for athletics
  • Pencil case
    Your son is required to carry a pencil case containing the items below from Year 3 upwards. Please check your son's pencil case and replenish as necessary at the start of each new term, at half term and just before exams. Must Have Fountain pen and cartridges (From the start of the Spring term in Year 4) HB pencil, 2H pencil and sharpener Clear (transparent), plastic, shatter-proof, 30cm ruler Soft, white eraser Small set of pencil crayons i.e. twelve colours Compasses, protractor, set square (Yr 5 upwards) Scissors Glue Stick Calculator (Year 4 to 6 non scientific, Year 7 and 8 scientific) Zip-up pencil case that can contain all of the above with the possible exception of the ruler Must NOT Have Tippex / liquid paper Liquid glues Bottled ink Optional Felt tip pens – these are usually not suitable for work in exercise books, but may be used for display work. Other Items needed A personal copy of the Little Oxford Dictionary

Healthy Choices

We provide a well-balanced and varied diet for your son which meets any special dietary requirements. A vegetarian option, fresh fruit, salads and vegetables are always available and every effort is made to encourage the pupils to choose a healthy diet. 

Healthy choices include:

  • Jacket potatoes are always available.

  • Flora margarine is available as an alternative to butter.

  • Brown and wholemeal bread is always available and all of bread served is low sodium.

  • Fresh fruit is always available for dessert.

  • Only low sodium salt is on the tables.

  • A salad bar has a range of fresh, homemade salads which change daily.

  • Semi-skimmed always available as an alternative to whole milk.


Healthy Cooking

As part of our commitment to producing a healthy menu selection the following methods of food production are used:

  • Food oven cooked not fried whenever possible.

  • Only vegetable oil is used for frying.

  • All sauces and custards are made with low fat spreads and semi-skimmed milk.

  • We use herbs and spices to flavour dishes and reduce the need for added salt.

  • Sugar is always used sparingly.

  • Brown rice is used with white rice.

  • Wholemeal flour is used with white flour.

  • Low fat cheese is used.


Mrs J. Foley, Catering Manager

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